St. John of Damascus On Hell

Orthodox Ruminations

lake-of-fire-150x150St. John of Damascus On Hell

by John Sanidopoulos

Below are some very characteristic and very important passages from Saint John of Damascus on the subject of Hell:

1. Hell is not God’s punishment, but it is a state of receptivity. It appears that Hell and Paradise as “places” do not exist. There is only God, who is present in all places (omnipresent).


on hell 1
“And so we know, that God does not punish anyone in the future, but everyone makes themselves receptive to share in God. And so to share in God is a delight, while not sharing in Him is hell.” (“Against the Manicheans”, PG 94:1545D-1548A)
2. Hell exists not because the damned are overdue, but because the damned remain unchangeable in their desire for sin. And again we see that only the omnipresent God will exist in the future age because, as he says, the object…

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