The Icon Corner: A Guide to Setting Up Your Own

Orthodox Ruminations

myiconsA few days ago I shared with you “The Beautiful Place: How to Make Your Own Icons“, and I hope it was a delight for those who sought to make their own in an affordable way. Today I want to share this video of how to proceed with setting up your own icon corner, or Beautiful Place. There aren’t any set rules per se, but there are some ways to arrange certain icons that should be followed. This is not meant to be a strict, legalistic, “you-gotta-do-it-this-way” kind of video! Please don’t take it that way! I made this video a few months ago for a friend interested in how to set up his own icon corner. I recommend some books to check out on iconography and walk through how I have set up our own icon corner.

A fewthings I’m convicted about in regards to having a…

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