download (1)Some Hyperdox Hermans have decided to target Hipsterdox for my posting of Pope Francis’ comments on ecumenism and other sayings. They are relentless to the point of creating new Facebook accounts to harass me on my own private Facebook. Nonetheless, I digress. Let’s clear the air here.

Too bad for them I won’t engage them too much, and I won’t waste my time with Fundamentalism. Fundamentalism comes with these folks in their conversion or finds its way to them at some point if they’re cradle. Orthodoxy is a ideology to be defended to the death. Fundamentalism in any fashion is a disease. It’s easy to adopt an ideology or system of belief. That is all a Fundamentalist does. 

For those who know me personally or from other sources, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that I do not support any false unity with anyone outside the Church. I have been know to lay out what the Orthodox conditions for unity are for those outside the Church. I have not once proposed false unity or compromising on that which is “the Faith has it was given”. 

However, I will not engage with bashing the non-Orthodox, calling them heretics, questioning their salvation, nor refusing to engage with them in dialogue. 

I will not question the sincerity of those holding faith in Christ outside the Church. In fact, in many cases I admire it and wish my faith was as strong and as devoted. 

That’s it pretty much. I’m aware some Saints have said pretty hardlining things about Roman Catholics and others. I have not seen anything that supports these sayings as official doctrine. Last I checked not everything a Saints says is dipped in the gold of doctrine/official doctrine. There are also Saints who took not such strong stances against the heterodox. Blessed Seraphim Rose has some beautiful thoughts to say about the heterodox and how to treat them and engage with them. I recommend looking up his advice. I follow it here and will not deviate from those convictions.

I will not take a unkind approach filled with zealous hatred for those outside the Church. I simply will not. If this is offensive or makes you angry, then this page and blog is simply not for you. 

I say all this in love and respect, which I hope the tone is conveyed. Facebook is hard to communicate that sometimes. If it isn’t sounding that way I apologize. Pray for me, a sinner.


“A lot of people today who have strong convictions are not very civil and a lot of people who are civil don’t have very strong convictions. What we really need is convicted civility…Too often in life we proceed with a hermeneutic of self-assuredness and criticism of those for whom we disagree rather than a hermeneutic of self-criticism and grace for others.” -Richard Mouw 


2 thoughts on “Hipsterdox≠Hyperdoxy

  1. I am an Orthodox Christian struggling with reconciling my personal beliefs/feelings with some issues that are against some teachings of the Church. I’ve been Orthodox now for 18 years. I’ve been joining these facebook Orthodox groups hoping to get some insight into what other Orthodox Christians are saying about certain things. I’ve also been asking questions and participating in discussions. Some of the things you’ve said in this post has made some sense to me. I liked your page on facebook but see no way to contact you on facebook. If your willing I’d like to pick your brain a bit on some issues. I am a very open minded person and am not looking to attack your opinions. I would like to hear more about them. So you can contact me here if you’re willing: https://www.facebook.com/wayne.smith.5268

    Your brother in Christ,
    Rdr. Michael Wayne

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