That Awkward Moment When You Realize You’re Supposed to Introduce Yourself . . .

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

My name is Joshua and I’m a former protestant minister who, together with my wife and children, converted to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church . . . by now, you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this.  For years I’ve written articles with my dear friend Joel Borofsky at The Christian Watershed.  I also, sporadically, write pieces on my personal blog Truth is a Man.  I’m both humbled and, somewhat, terrified to announce that I’ll be assisting Joel in the maintenance of Hipsterdox and Orthodox Ruminations.  Humbled, because it’s an honor to take control of another man’s creation (something he has poured his heart and soul into).  Terrified . . . because I’m taking control of another man’s creation (something he has poured his heart and soul into).  That being said, I’m also extremely excited about the opportunity to grow these online communities!

As Joel has already stated, we are in the process of planing the future of all three blogs and will have more news on this in March.  Until then we shall continue to post great content and will especially promote the Facebook groups.  I look forward to getting to know each other and to providing the same quality material you’ve come to expect.  God bless!

J. Matthan Brown


3 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment When You Realize You’re Supposed to Introduce Yourself . . .

  1. So… you are in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic church? That means you are not Orthodox? You support the Pope and the Latin heresies?

    I’m all for reading different points of view, but I thought this was an Orthodox blog. Is it no longer an Orthodox blog? Is this now a Latin blog?

    • Thank you for pointing this out Blair–I think it’s important for our readers to understand who I am. You are absolutely correct when you say that I’m not a member of an Orthodox Church. I am Ukrainian Greek Catholic (a.k.a. Eastern Catholic or Byzantine Catholic). We are Orthodox Christians who are in full communion with the Holy See. Our Church is self-governed and we have a Patriarch (his name is Sviatoslav Shevchuk). We worship using the same Divine Liturgy of St. Chrysostom (or St. Basil as the occasion calls for it), we profess the same Nicene-Constantinopalitan Creed (that’s right, we do not include the notorious filloque clause), we utilize the same icons and incense, and use all of the same theological lingo as Eastern Orthodox Christians.

      My dear friend Joel Borofsky, who will be the primary organizer of both Hipsterdox and Orthodox Ruminations, is an Orthodox Christian. He and I share the hopes and prayers of Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope Francis regarding the union between our churches and view our cooperation on these two blogs, as well as our other website The Christian Watershed, as our very humble contribution to this cause.

      We are still figuring out how this might look in the future. For now, however, we shall continue to share great material, covering a wide range of topics, viewed through the lens of Eastern Christian theology/spirituality. So, no, this is not a Latin blog.

      I sincerely hope this clarifies things for you. God bless!

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