Bright Thursday: Moe’s Art Vandalay Burrito & Marie’s Vegan Mac n Cheese

Anyone wanting fasting cooking advice, good meal ideas, and such from us Orthodox should check out our friend Janalyn’s delightful blog! Fasting is a big part of Orthodoxy, so her blog is a great resource!

Oh, she cooks!

Yesterday I had two meals I didn’t cook myself. The first was lunch at Moe’s,

I always get the Art Vandalay on a white tortilla with black beans, rice, veggies, salsa, cilantro, and lime juice (you can add tofu, but that technically makes it a Homewrecker, and it’s more expensive). I love these burritos, but I can never eat them without making a huge mess.

Then for dinner I finally ate the vegan Jalapeno Lime Mac n Cheese I got from Marie’s the other day, along with half of the Almond Joy cupcake.

The “cheese” is made of nutritional yeast. There were TONS of jalapenos in this and I definitely got hiccups and couldn’t get rid of them the whole time I was eating. But…it was really good, so I didn’t care. This was from back in the deli. They don’t always have this flavor, but I’ve never seen them…

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