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2NOV_7765-792040A Place for Inquiring Hipsters and Millennials to Explore the Orthodox Christian Faith 


Some time ago I had a friend call me “Hipsterdox” due to my being Eastern Orthodox and what he perceived to be slightly, or perhaps massively, hipster. I have never been one to consider myself a hipster, but then again I acknowledge that is what a hipster would say. I do wear brandless clothes, rock a scarf and peacoat during winter, refuse to be mainstream, look for ways to be different, have two blogs, desire authentic community, have mixed social/political views, love originality, wear Ray Ban glasses, support local economy and government, smoke a pipe, drink White Russians, listen to acoustic folk, burn incense, have a presence in social media, read old things, wear the colognes and deodorants my grandfather did, play an instrument (drums), have a lot of tattoos, and have a huge beard! Perhaps I am slightly hipster? But as the great Existentialist and original Hipster Kierkegaard said, “Once you label me you negate me!”

Nonetheless, I love the play on words that “Hipsterdox” presents. It is combining two words, “Hipster” and “Orthodox”, to make them into a noun, which is a Orthodox Christian who is a hipster and/or Millennial. As a Millennial and Orthodox Christian, I did choose this silly term of endearment to begin this blog with credit to my friend David Funk, who coined it. I wanted to express my own identity and faith through this blog, but share it with others who like I was, or perhaps more accurately still am, on a journey to find authentic, wholesome spirituality and faith. I hope I can serve as a guard for those willing to venture forth into the experientially-driven and practices-filled faith of Eastern Orthodoxy. I have found the ancient Church Jesus left us, the Church of the Apostles, of the Holy Father, and of the Saints. We chant during the Divine Liturgy:

We have seen the true light! We have received the heavenly Spirit! We have found the true Faith! Worshipping the undivided Trinity, who has saved us.”

 I hope you too can explore the ancient Church and the Faith as it was handed down (Jude 3) and find it is the authentic expression of Christianity. I hope I can be of service for those on this journey.


The mission of Hipsterdox is multi-faceted. Hipsterdox exists primarily to bring together those who are curious about the Ancient Chrisitan Faith to a forum wherein they can express their deepest questions about God, life, the Faith, culture, and our generation. Hipsterdox exists to be a place of where one can encounter the Orthodox Catholic Church and to interact with Her. This is signpost on the road for those on a journey to find true spirituality, which we believe is found in the Orthodox Catholic Church.

The vision of Hipsterdox is to speak to a generation that faces a dark, existential future and to shine the Light of Christ into the hearts and minds of those who come across it. It exists to be a beacon of hope to a generation which often has little or no hope, who struggle with spiritual apathy and/or doubt, psychological and emotional struggles, and the despair of 21st century American life . It exists to promote engagement with and participation in the Eastern Orthodox Church.




One goal of Hipsterdox is to take seriously those colors of life and the hazy beauty they shine forth. It seeks to acknowledge the tension and paradox of all of life. While recognizing life and faith are much more complex, Hipsterdox does not exist to provide answers to all life’s questions, but to embrace the unanswerable and come along side those who wrestle.


We wrestle. Wrestling is exhausting! Nonetheless, we seek to engage with life and faith and the Church. We are here to promote conversation with and about this wrestling as it pertains to matters of faith and life.

This is a forum that welcomes dialogue and questions. Hipsterdox does not promise to answer all your questions, but to entertain them and wrestle with you or put you in touch with someone who can break down your questions. That being said, Richard Mouw once wrote, “A lot of people today who have strong convictions are not very civil and a lot of people who are civil don’t have very strong convictions. What we really need is convicted civility.” This forum is a place of respect and courtesy. The goal is to live by Mr. Mouw’s principle. Anyone not able to do so will not be welcomed to comment or express themselves.


Hipsterdox is also a forum wherein Millennial Orthodox Christians can participate by commenting, answering questions, engaging with those who come across the site, and to have their works published. Interested in contributing or have ideas? See the link for Facebook below and send me a message!


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Remember that the Dude (Jesus) Abides!



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  1. looking forward to growing a bear myself…

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