Jesus Heals


To Our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ

IKOS 1: Jesus Heals

“Creator of angels and lord of hosts: as You opened the ears of the deaf and the mouths of the dumb, empower also my mind and tongue to praise Your most holy name, as I sing to You:

Jesus, most wonderful, marvel of Angels.  Jesus, most powerful, Deliverance of forefathers.  jesus, most sweet, Exultation of patriarchs.  Jesus, most glorious, the Might of kings.  Jesus, most beloved, Fulfillment of prophets.  Jesus, most marvelous, Strength of martyrs.  Jesus, most peaceful, Joy of saints.  Jesus, most honorable, Chastity of virgins.  Jesus, everlasting, Salvation of sinners.

Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me!”


Sick at Soul

“There was a time:  I thought to rise

Upwards in a jet like a fountain

But, having attained the crest,

I am cast down from the height.


Perdition is near, – God is far

And, in my soul, I dare not pray

To Him.  I have not the strength.

I keep silence with lowered eyes.

You, meek one, lamb of God,

You pray, if you can,

Say a prayer in chaste humility

For those who are sick at soul.”

— Fr. Pavel Florensky